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A completely revolutionary product, M-Cash is a simple-to-use, completely secure solution that lets customers access and use their accounts 24/7, with transactions that happen in real time.

Edith Kutesa

Edith G Kutesa is a highly experienced Economist and Development Banker.

As Founder and CEO of M-Cash Uganda, she is part of the driving force furthering the implementation of innovative technological solutions within the Financial world in Africa.

A Leader and Manager in both national and international organizations:

M-Cash is a single cashless mobile financial platform offering a cost efficient suite of transaction processing, switching and mobile payments.

Successful Entrepreneur with leadership and management experience from both national and international organizations:

  • Finance Rwanda - Permanent Secretary (6 Years).
  • Rwanda Development Bank - MD & Chair (9 Years).
  • United Nations - Resident Representative (8 Years).

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