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MCash means Financial Inclusion (NFIS II Development)

MCash means Financial Inclusion
(NFIS II Development)

MCash Uganda Ltd

Earlier this month, MCash Uganda took part in the development of the new National Financial Inclusion Strategy (2023-2027). The joint-meeting was an interactive workshop where key stakeholders were invited to develop, overview and validate the nation's new Financial Inclusion strategy.

NFISII Stakeholder's Meeting
Financial Inclusion is defined as having access to and using a broad range of quality and affordable financial services which help ensure a person’s financial security." - Bank of Uganda (BoU)

MCash continues to work with BoU to provide increased access, quality, and usage of financial services for our clients through innovation and technology.

MCash is also working with Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), other Government bodies, and Financial Institutions through all stages of the NFIS II development process, while re-shaping our products to serve the unbanked better.

As a leading Fintech in Uganda, our role is vital for the economic and social development of Uganda. Our flagship MCash Digital Wallet, reaches the most remote areas in Uganda through advanced Technology designed to be affordable to the local trader. In addition, through MCash's expert Engineering team, banks are also able to serve some of their most inaccessible customers via the MCash Agency Banking platform.

At MCash, financial inclusiveness is not just a policy, it is our mission. Through participatory research and capacity building of communities, MCash Uganda is bridging the financial divide and bringing cost effective solutions to the broader masses.

For more information on the Financial Inclusion Strategy, visit here.

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