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Tenacity of Vision


by Hellen Kebirungi

Business Developer, MCash Uganda Ltd

“A clear vision, backed by a definite plan gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” Brian Tracy

This week, HSBC bought the UK branch of Silicon Valley Bank for £1 to save UK's small businesses. In 2008, we may remember how the crash of Lehman Brothers set of a series of events that exposed the up-and-down nature of economics in today's consumer-driven culture.

Most of the world's economy relies on free-flowing trade. If the economy is down, central banks inject more money into the economy, interest rates are lowered, businesses borrow more, so employees earn more. As employees spend more, businesses sell more, the economy appears to be doing well and prices increase, which in effect devalues the money currently in circulation, free trade is interrupted, and the cycle repeats itself.

While having a clear vision sets you on the right course, tenacity and sheer will-power of vision positions you outside of the inflation/deflation bubble so you can make wiser financial decisions in the midst of chaos. The tenacity you build in-line with your financial vision allows you to see from outside the cycle of the world's economy. You know what is coming and you plan for it intelligently.

Building Tenacity

One needs to be as candid as possible with themselves regarding where they want to see themselves in future. Often times, people will compare themselves with others saying that if so and so achieved this and that, then that's what I need too. That's instability and it is a wrong approach; your vision and goals should be personal to you and not a crowd. For example, "where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years" is one of those frequently asked questions at job interviews and also in mentee and mentor engagements that gets the most generic answers that you hear from everyone else. Now it is time to honestly ask yourself, "Where do I see myself in the next 5 or 10 years?"

"Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years?"

A few years ago, the above question caused a lot of uneasiness whenever it was paused to me. I would get, not only challenged but also ‘disturbed’ because I only had vague ideas of who and where I wanted to be in the next 5 or 10 years then. What an ‘unfortunate’ way to live. I did not see it that way then though. Looking back, I know that I could have done better.

As an individual, or as an organization, you have taken that first step, you have created your vision and it is clear to you and all involved. Now comes the most important part, coming up with strategies on how to bring your vision and goals to pass.

On a foundational level, what strategies are you currently implementing to achieve your goals? Be SMART, that is, make your actions Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and also Time Bound. Implementation will result in sectioning the bigger vision into small portions that can be achieved on a daily basis. This doggedness in implementing the strategies you calculated, will be like an anchor in the shifting winds of the economy. For anyone that desires to achieve any amount of personal growth, they should be comfortable with being uncomfortable. There should be a desire to get out of the comfort zone. Have those difficult conversations with yourself, your employees or your family to make your vision work.

Candidly asking yourself questions such as the above will come in very handy in strengthening your vision. Career-wise, where would you like to be? Would you like to still be at the same level in the next 5 years? What career changes are you desirous of making? What about that ‘side hustle’ that you have had in mind for long but not acted upon? Would you still love to see yourself live the way you are living today? What changes would you like to see regarding your family? What improvements do you desire regarding the relationship with God?

Another prerequisite catalyst while implementing your vision is faith and enthusiasm. How passionate are you about your vision? How far are you willing to go for the sake of seeing your vision and goals come to pass? To what extent is fulfilling your vision a priority in your life? Once you are enthusiastic about your vision, then also have the faith and confidence that you will actually achieve it. Visualize yourself succeeding. Believe that your vision and goal(s) are attainable and that you will hit them. Your attitude is equally important as your plan for your future. A person with a positive attitude is more likely to attain their goals compared to one with a negative attitude. Having a good attitude will cause you to view challenges as opportunities and lessons to learn, while a negative attitude will always make you view challenges and obstacles as failure, which is not the case.

In the current economic climate, be more intentional about working on each aspect of your vision. Also take some time off to assess how you are doing, do not wait to be appraised only at your place of work. Depending on the goals that you have set, make continuous assessments of yourself. Do not stop moving, however slow or fast you are moving. The results may not come as quickly as you wish, but do not fret, remain committed.

I have personally drawn up my vision board for 2023 and I am excited about it, because I believe I am going to achieve a good number of the items on it. I am going to achieve them, because guess what — it is all up to me and therefore I have to put in the work to see it work. I wish the same for you.

Create that Vision. Plan for it. Act on it.

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