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Purpose of Visioning



by Hellen Kebirungi

Business Developer, MCash Uganda Ltd

“Greatness starts with a clear vision of the future.” Simon Sinek

When you do not know where you are going, you have already reached your destination. When you do not know where you are going, all roads are your destination, even the wrong roads. Chances are that you will get lost or swayed away in any direction the crowd takes, that is to say, the road most traveled, because it is easier. For someone following the crowd, they will sacrifice their individuality at the altar of the crowd and get lost in there. You and I can imagine how painful this can be! So then what does one need to do?


Firstly, know exactly where you are going; define your desired destination.

This calls for you creating the vision you want for your life. Having a vision is the ability to think about and plan the future with imagination of what you would like to be. Many of us have ideas and imaginations of what we would like our lives to look like, and yes those blurry images you see in your mind is the vision. You, however, have to sharpen them from 'blurry' to 'clear high-definition' images. When that image of what you would like your life to look like becomes clear, it then becomes your target or goal for you to accomplish.

Your Financial Vision is your road map for the long term, but also for the present decisions you take. It will dictate how you live your life on a daily basis and provide clarity, purpose and stability to your wallet.


The clarity of one's end goal financially causes one to take certain courses of action to achieve it. An undefined financial vision, may achieve a few things, but not to your full magnitude or potential.

Therefore your vision will require proper planning and attention. See the holistic picture. How do your finances affect different aspects of your life? How does it affect, say, your social, spiritual, work, health, academic, or family life? Depending on what stage of life you are at, and how important each of the above is to you, draw out a logical framework, monitoring and evaluating your current actions against your financial vision. Seek to achieve tangible or measurable results by which to score yourself on how close you are to achieving your vision. What actions do you need to change? What investments will you have to reconsider, drop, or take up? Whatever your results, taking these first steps will be a great starting point to achieving the kind of financial stability you envision for yourself.

Using the MCash Wallet is one way to take action towards a more stable financial vision. MCash Uganda offers you a digital current account with zero monthly charges. With your MCash Wallet you can pay you can transact easily through the mobile app, via our website, or USSD code 255. Together we can be intentional in establishing your greater financial future.

"Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey

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